How to Read & Mark Barcode Regions in an Image inside Java Applications

This technical tip shows how to read an image and mark the barcode regions for all recognized barcodes in the image. The barcode region is the part of the image that only contains the barcode itself. In a large image, there may be other texts or images as well as the barcode. Getting the barcode region separates the barcodes from other elements in the image by marking their edges or by filling them with a color. <br/> <br/> To mark a barcode region: <br/> <br/> • Read the barcodes in the image using the method. <br/> • Get the region of the barcode using the BarCodeReader.getRegion() method, which returns an instance of the BarCodeRegion type. <br/> • Draw edges around the barcode using the BarCodeRegion.drawBarCodeEdges() method. <br/>
//your code here... // Create an instance of BarCodeReader class and specify the image and symbology BarCodeReader reader; reader = new BarCodeReader("c:\\Code39Extended.png", BarCodeReadType.getCode39Extended()); int counter = 0; // Read all the barcodes from the images while ( { // Display the symbology type System.out.println("BarCode Type: " + reader.getReadType()); // Display the codetext System.out.println("BarCode CodeText: " + reader.getCodeText()); // Get the barcode region com.aspose.barcoderecognition.BarCodeRegion region = reader.getRegion(); if (region != null) { // Initialize an object of type BufferedImage to get the Graphics object BufferedImage bufferedImage = File("c:\\Code30Extended.png")); // Initialize graphics object from the image Graphics g = bufferedImage.getGraphics(); // Initialize paint object Paint p = new GradientPaint(0, 0,, 100, 100,, true); // Initialize stroke object Stroke stroke = new BasicStroke(4.0f); region.drawBarCodeEdges((Graphics2D)g, stroke, p); // Save the image ImageIO.write(bufferedImage, "png",new File("C:\\ab\\Image001.png")); } } reader.close();

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