How to Store, Read & Delete a Word Document in Database Using .NET

This technical tip explains how developers can store, read & delete a Word document in Database inside their .NET Applications. One of the tasks you may need to perform when working with documents is storing and retrieving Document objects to and from a database. For example, this would be necessary if you were implementing any type of content management system. The storage of all previous versions of documents would be required to be stored in a database system. The ability to store documents in the database is also extremely useful when your application provides a web-based service. This sample shows how to store a document into a database and then load it back into a Document object for working with. For the sake of simplicity, the name of the file is the key used to store and fetch documents from the database. The database contains two columns. The first column “FileName” is stored as a String and is used to identify the documents. The second column “FileContent” is stored as a BLOB object which stores the document object is byte form.
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