How to Extract Entire Text from PowerPoint Presentation inside Android Apps

This technical tip explains how Android developers can extract entire text from a presentation inside Android applications using Aspose.Slides for Android. You can extract text from presentation using Aspose.Slides for Android. The text inside a presentation is located in two types of objects namely TextHolder and TextFrame. TextHolder is a special Placeholder that holds text and TextFrame is actually a TextBox which you create using MS-PowerPoint. Aspose.Slides for Android has designed the layout of TextHolder and TextFrame almost identical so that programmers could access and manipulate text easily.
//your code here... Presentation pres = new Presentation(path+"TestPres.ppt"); //iterate all slides int lastSlidePosition = pres.getSlides().getLastSlidePosition(); for (int pos = 1; pos <= lastSlidePosition; pos++) { Slide sld = pres.getSlideByPosition(pos); //iterate all shapes int shapesCount = sld.getShapes().getCount(); for (int shpIdx = 0; shpIdx < shapesCount; shpIdx++) { com.aspose.slides.Shape shp=sld.getShapes().get_Item(shpIdx); //Get the paragraphs from textholder or textframe Paragraphs paras = null; //Check if shape holds a textholder if (shp.getPlaceholder() != null && shp.isTextHolder() == true) { //Get the place holder as an Object instance Object obj = shp.getPlaceholder(); //First type of place holder. It is TextHolder if(obj instanceof TextHolder) { //Cast object into TextHolder object TextHolder txtHolder = (TextHolder)obj; paras = txtHolder.getParagraphs(); //iterateParagraphs(paras, portionList); } else if(obj instanceof Placeholder) //Second type of place holder(Shape) { //Cast the object into Placeholder object Placeholder placeHolder = (Placeholder)obj; // getShapeRef() returns the Shape object which contains real properties of a Placeholder. paras = placeHolder.getShapeRef().getTextFrame().getParagraphs(); //iterateParagraphs(paras, portionList); } } else { if (shp.getTextFrame() != null) { paras = shp.getTextFrame().getParagraphs(); }//if }//else //Print the text on Console if (paras != null) { int parasCount = paras.getCount(); for (int paraIdx = 0; paraIdx < parasCount; paraIdx++) { Paragraph para = paras.get_Item(paraIdx); //print the text on console Log.i(TAG,"Para text : "+para.getText()); } }//end if }//end for }//end for


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